Smoked Turkey Recipe

In this Smoked Turkey Recipe Video, we will teach you how to smoke a turkey in the Pit Barrel Cooker for you next Turkey dinner. Smoked Turkey is easy to make and taste incredible. Not only that it helps free up space in the oven leaving more room for delicious sides. This smoked turkey recipe is juicy and will have to feasting in no time!
Items used in this Smoked Turkey Recipe are: (recipe below)


Napoleon Professional 5 Piece tool set (USA) (CDN)

Chimney Starter (USA) (CDN)

Old Hickory Knife – 10in (USA) (CDN)


1 thawed and brined turkey (
1 bunch of sage
1 bunch of rosemarie
1 bunch of thyme
5 cloves of Garlic
Olive Oil
Black pepper
Sea Salt


Step #1
First you need to make your wet rub by taking your garlic and herbs and finely mincing them all up. Once they are finely minced place them in to a bowl and add your olive oil until you get a paste like consistency. After that is made you will rub the wet rub all over your turkey. Once that is done you will take your fresh ground pepper and apply it to the outside followed by a touch of fresh ground sea salt.

NOTE: You only need a little bit of salt if you have already brined your turkey.

Step #2
Once your turkey has been prepare you are going to get your Pit Barrel set up and cooking. If you are using another type of grill you will want to set it up for indirect cooking at 275-300 degrees. Also add in your favourite wood for smoking with. NOTE: It is often best to use a lighter smoke wood like apple, cherry etc.

Step #3
Place your turkey into the grill and begin cooking for 3-4 hours depending on the size of your turkey. Our 13 lb turkey took us around 3.5 hours to cook.

Step #4
When your turkey has hit an internal tempreture of 165 you will remove it from the pit barrel cooker and tent it with some foil for around 20 minutes and allow the turkey to rest. After your turkey has rested slice into it and taste it’s juicy and delicious meat!

That’s it, Enjoy.

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